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How to draw a figure in a dynamic pose

In the following I will try to teach you how to draw the simple figure from the previous tutorial in dynamic poses. Because it isn't much fun if you can draw a figure only from direct in front.

Step one: What is a dynamic pose?

The most widespread definition of 'dynamic' is movement. If something seems to move on the paper or from the paper it is dynamic. But this does not solve our problem of drawing in a dynamic way, because it only states how it should look and not how we should draw it. You have to try and make the figure move while standing still. To make something dynamic there are a number of different techniques, including exaggerated perspective, action lines and the place of the center of gravity on a figure.

The most important part of dynamic drawing is to know your figure is a 3 dimensional shape in a 3 dimensional space. It's just the paper that's 2d. In the picture you can see how each part of our figure looks in 3d, so you can draw it from virtually any angle.




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