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Manual Anti-Alias and Smoothing; the Crispy Sheep technique

Hello young apprentice, this is an advanced tutorial so if you don't know where to find brightness and contrast both in your life and photoshop please try something simpeler first. You will learn here a secret technique that can save your live in a deadline situation, and can be use to make some serious eyecandy. If you are ready we will commence...

1. To start get out those ugly jagged edges you thought you had to live with and therefor had still lying around in a virtual drawer, because you where afraid your enemies would use them against you. (or just make yourself a shape)

2. Make a mask of your shape (this means your shape is black and the rest is white) you can do this by selecting your shape make a new layer and fill the selection with black or make your shape from scratch once again. It is also possible to copy a layer as an alpha and use "brightness and contrast" to arrive at a black and white result. Whatever method you choose make sure it is your favourite method!

3. Now we start with the actual process walk through. To smooth the shape or lines and anti-alias them by hand we first make a copy of the black and white layer, just in case your graph takes a bullet through the head and you would want to start over.

This is the copied layer of my image and you can see it is ugly (intentional so!^_^) the es's are blurry because they are smaller resolution and then resized.To make matters worse at various points on the circles (no my friend it has nothing to do with disney!! It is basic geometry!) there are the ugly jagged edges we fear so much.




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