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Input a selection of links

luua - a site with forum from a friend of mine (hes a webdesigner you know)

kunya- a site from another friend of mine he's also into art

akpm - a joint venture (by my friends and me) short movie, a humoristic horror. And its good because when Jacques Goderie had seen it he said "I don't like horror, but if it is this funny you just have to like it.".

das kuhnperiment - a new movie just as crazy as akpm from my friends and me ->watch the trailer

polykarbon - great tutorials for photoshop and drawing in general

cgtalk - the number one forum in computer generated art (I am a member)

feng zhu - You won't believe what this guy draws. (I need to do this too)

the boards of canada - cool music since the noises of the world around you mix with the songs

Machall - the coolest webcomic i know (and a great style)

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