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  This is a Photoshop palette with skin tones for use in illustration. It has 3 types of tanning for caucasian, asian and african skin colors. As well as a light, neutral and shadow color for each tanning type. I have found it quite useful.  
  Another thing I found quite useful is an empty colorswatch. For ultimate customisation, now everybody can make a colorswatch in photoshop.  
  This document is used to teach students to draw hands at TU delfts Industrial Design and Engineering. The state it is distributed in was as bad as one could think, ugly photocopies, strangely turned pictures that only stood half on a page, etc. I scanned the whole thing and worked it with some photoshop magic. It's as good as new with everything in place. If you want to learn how to draw hands download this acrobat-document.  


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