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  I started a project to force myself to continuesly keep modelling. I thought it would be fun to remake the intro-fmv of the dangergirl playstation-game. I never saw it but the storyboard as drawn by J. Scott Cambell has been printed in the dangergirl sketchbook which i have in my possesion. Currently I am modelling Abbey Chase and the car she drives.This is the first scene involving only a moving logo. Since it was a testrender the quality is bad. The movie will become longer in no time check back soon.




My first appearence in a feature film... ah riches and glory... We a few friends and me had this idea to make a horror film, but make it so cheesy and bad it became once again good. And this is the result...It is horror that sums up all that is bad in the big horror pictures but bcause of it becomes terribly funny. I feature as the head... (everyone remembers that so that's good) To finish an important dutch fimcritic (Jacques Goderie) said "I don't like horror, but if it is this funny you just have to like it." after he had seen this movie. Anyway download it and have a great time watching ANGRY KILLER PERSON MAN.




  The second film project in which had a chance to once again hone my actng skills (yeah right!) Was made a year after the previous one. Because we knew we could do better! This movie has the same take on the horror genre as ANGRY KILLER PERSON MAN but we tripled the budget, the amount of blood substitute and work that went into this one. So if you liked angry killer person man you will love DAS KUHNPERIMENT. So please download and enjoy!  







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