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Books I like

every book until now (don't know about the future) by William Gibson (the inventor of cyberpunk)

Most of the books written by Terry Pratchett

"The Deathgate" series by Weis & Hickman

Short stories By HP lovecraft

"Snow crash" By Neal Stephenson

"The Lord Of the Rings" JRR Tolkien

Music I like (by cd)

the whole solo career of Enya

Geogaddi from the "Boards of Canada"

Brain by Hiromi Uehara

The Soundtrack of Ghost in the shell by Kenji Kawai

The Ring of the Nibelungen opera's from Richard Wagner

The Zauberflote from W A Mozart

"Welcome to the Neighbourhood" from Meatloaf

"liquid days" from Philip glass

Things I like

Magicians Performing Tricks

Winter (don't hate summer but winter is better)

twilight at dusk or dawn

Drawing (pen&paper or digital)

Making Music (flute, piano, singing, humming)

Exploring (digital worlds or the real deal, not to wild though)

Seeing things I never saw before.

Other Things I like

The smell of old books

The smell of a little place in Norway called Roros

Somewhere between sleeping and waking

People telling stories (they speak I listen)

Apple syrup with hot water

Well baked pancakes with banana in them

to lie or sit down on a new carpet

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