Chapter two

This new school was situated an hour with the train from where I live, so I had a lot of time on my hands. Since then I like to do my work in the train, with the background noise of people who have nothing to do with me. The slight movement is annoying (I can see if I made a drawing in the train or not) but overal I had done my homework when I came home. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to have hobby's. I have far to much interests for my time. I play the flute, draw, write stories and poetry, create and play games, compose music on my computer, read as many books as I can, I make stuff (clothing, furniture, clay figurines, etc.), dabble in magic and I used to do a little programming. I probably overlooked a couple of things but this is already a far to extensive list.

Steiner secondary school has two types of final exams, the dutch standard and a project where you have to investigate a subject in a year time, write an extensive report and finally present this report in twenty min. for a small auditorium full of people. I made it through the standard exams without any problems and for my project I created a Rpg called 'Sabardia' with a new system and a complete universe behind it. Since then I am constantly on the lookout for new types of game mechanics, I have a whole collection already.

Currently I am studying Industrial Design and engineering at the university of delft. And I still have so many interests I have far to little time to do what I want.


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