Hello, as you have seen on the previous page, my name is Matthijs Schaap. Currently resident in Wateringen near The Hague in the Netherlands. As promised I will tell you a little about my life as I know it.

Chapter one (^_^)

It all started with me being born at the 28th of february in 1983 in a hospital in the north of The Netherlands, in a city called Leeuwarden. by the way, the citycounsel has already taken the hospital down because there is a more advanced one at the other side of the city. Anyway. The first years of my life I lived in a first floor apartment with 3 rooms, a small kitchen and an attic.

About the TV: There where children programs on and each saturday and sunday morning I used to watch. Sunday we (me and my mother) watched VPRO a dutch television station with a little bit peculiar programming but it was fun (still is by the way). On saturday however Dutch television was boring for someone like me (whats that then? I don't know, really.) an therefor I started to surf the channels and found the bbc. I have been watching bbc before I knew english and that is probably why I have an english sense of humor and quite a good knowledge of english (for someone dutch anyway). Great moments of my personal television history include the downfall of the berlin wall and strangely enough the opening of Euro-Disney: Paris.

I went to a steiner (waldorf) elementary school, 'vrije school' in dutch, and therefore had a very broad education since besides the usual stuff like foreign languages (german and english), math, etc. I also learned how to knit, woodworking, drawing, painting, making clothes. This school has had another influence in the way i grew up, namely the stories I was told. We were told stories starting with the classic fairy tales and later legends and history from atlantis, egypt, india, greece and rome. Of course the problem with this broad education is that you know so much and can do so much that you don't know what you like best. This made against all reason my choice of secondary school quite simple, since I went to Steiner (waldorf) secondary school.

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