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Week fiftyfour:

I am now officially a freelance artist doing 3d and 2d computer art!!!

Currently I am working on a gaming project:

Levee Patroller: the levee inspection simulator from Geodelft is a game to learn new leveepatrollers how to recognize a possible levee breakthough very early on.

And I just finished an project for Unilever Bestfoods regarding some pictures for a new product design in Turkey and India.

Of course I still have my own projects as well and I have just finished a cardgame called PsychoKiller. I won't put it on the site however because I am currently trying to get it published.

Oh. the art section had a little makeover and there is still a direct link to the<<Wallpapers>> now also in widescreen!!!

Still working on the graffiti bit (have already downloaded and researched what I am going to need... but still in development).



And I have started a webcomic... its just practicing and I will therefor try to make one everyday. Don't know how long I can keep it up but please try and make me do it anyway!

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